Taylor Swift Gift Helps Nick's Kids Extend Tornado Relief Efforts

Coach Nick and Terry Saban are Pleased with Project Team Up’s Progress and Now Extend Further Support to Habitat for Humanity to Help Rebuild Tuscaloosa!

Dear Supporters,

We just wanted to update everyone on what a tremendous job Project Team Up is doing in the Holt area. We are grateful to be part of their foundation and we’ve been amazed with the progress that Project Team Up has made in such a short time – thanks to thousands of volunteers and an excellent leadership team.

We are able to extend our support to families impacted by the storms thanks to gifts from many individuals but especially the generosity of Taylor Swift who raised $750,000 for tornado relief efforts throughout the South. Of that, she donated $250,000 for efforts in West Alabama via her contribution to Nick’s Kids. We had the pleasure of meeting Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, when Allen Cox and his family hosted them at a football game. We’re grateful to Allen and to all those who have helped secure funding for West Alabama relief efforts. Allen played football for the Crimson Tide from 1969 to 1973 and is a 1976 graduate of UA’s Law School. His son, Nathan, played for the Tide as well – from 2000-2004.

With the help of our generous supporters and donors, we have donated $77,000 to Project Team Up so that they may continue their outstanding work. We encourage everyone to continue to support Project Team Up with their time and resources.

Now that the clean up process is well underway and tremendous progress has been made, we want to help fund another organization to speed up the home building process throughout Tuscaloosa.

With the rebuilding phase ready to begin, our focus has shifted to putting roofs over the heads of the people in our area. Nick’s Kids Fund has also recently made a donation to Habitat for Humanity for $112,500 to help rebuild three homes with construction beginning this month. The homes should be completed by early Fall 2011.

In addition to the above mentioned projects with Project Team Up and Habitat for Humanity, Nick’s Kids Fund has also donated over $55,000 to various tornado relief efforts throughout the community.

As we have said from day one, our town needs everyone to come together in order to achieve the ultimate goal of rebuilding this community brick by brick and helping those who need it most.

Thank you for your continued support,
Coach Nick and Terry Saban